Large Menu

Each page on this mobile-friendly website has a small menu at the top which can be accessed through the button when a mobile phone is used for viewing. At the bottom of each page there is a larger menu like the one below which may be easier to use. You may employ either menu to move round this website.

By mobile-friendly we mean that this website is a scroll which is intended for viewing on a mobile phone. The main menu is placed at the bottom with a Contact Us button last, and navigation is by highlighted radio buttons.

We have a main website which is more like a book (or codex) and is intended for viewing on a desktop computer. You can look at the main website on a mobile phone and it will behave gracefully or responsively, but some graphics and videos may be out of reach. You can look at this website on a desktop computer but you will see that the width is restricted so it looks like a mobile phone.

The mobile phone is practically the badge of being in business, and we want to be the first accountant to provide a full service to mobile phone users.