Free Bookkeeping

Mobile-friendly – If we do your accounts, we will often do the bookkeeping as a free extra service. We can do everything very quickly using new technology.

Many businesses trade only through their bank account, and all we ask here is that you put your bank statements in sensible order and write up your cheque book stubs clearly. Otherwise leave the rest to your accountant. We use computer vision and artificial intelligence to do the job.

If you have cash income, then obviously you need to keep a daily record of takings, but this could just be in a notebook or an exercise book rather than a special ledger. We can provide a free book to get you started, and it has a page to record pre-trading expenditure such as on a computer or van.

Should you have cash expenses, then you need to keep a record, but again this could be in a notebook or our free cash book. In some cases, you could use a credit card for business expenses, so please just let us have any statements you receive.

If you are VAT-registered, and we do your VAT returns, then we will give you a 25% discount on your accounts fee.