Alternatives to European Wines

With us leaving the European Union, it is time to start thinking about alternatives to European wines, at least as accompaniments to food. This is likely to mean wines from the Southern Hemisphere.

New Zealand and Chile can supply pinot noir as alternatives to red Burgundy. You need to buy it and try it first, but the results can be just as good, or just as disappointing, as any Burgundy.

South Africa can supply dry red wines as alternatives to claret and Cotes du Rhone. Again drink around and try it.

Look at Australia for white wines like chardonnay and viognier. Look at New Zealand for sauvignon blanc.

Spanish wines like Rioja with graciano content have no competition elsewhere, but fortunately they are seldom overpriced. Just avoid expensive Rioja which is merely 100% tempranillo. Port and sherry have no competition, but again they are not overpriced.

These are preliminary comments. I will be trying things out and reporting back in the future.