About Us

David Porthouse FCCA

Born in the North of England, David qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2002 and since then he has worked continually in public accountancy. He has extensive experience with all types of accounts preparation, and with company accounts and corporation tax in particular.

He has a long-standing interest in the application of new technology to accountancy in order to keep costs at an affordable level, and to prepare accounts quickly in order to be able to meet the many deadlines that a company accountant has to deal with.

David is the author of this website which is accessible using QR codes as well as via the Internet. As a business adviser, he believes that the more ways you give prospective customers to contact you, the better.

This website exists for the purpose of enabling new ideas to be tried out without affecting existing arrangements. This could have the double benefit of self-promotion and of enabling us to better advise our clients. We would welcome your comments as to what you would like to see on this website.

The primary optimisation of this website will be to work with search engines, and we have another mobile-friendly website for companies which will be optimised to work with QR codes. We have yet another website which will be targeted at displaying an AMP message when the user searches for Carlisle accountants.


David Porthouse & Co is a trading name of David Porthouse and Co Limited, company number 9OOI569, registered in England and Wales.
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