Carlisle Accountant warns about Tax Return:

Mobile-friendly – If you know you need to do a tax return, then it may be time to see an accountant if you haven’t done it already. The tax year ended on 5th April 2016, and if you had any income from self-employment, or any capital gains, or any other income that the Revenue do not know about, then the deadline for filling in a paper tax return was on 31st October 2016. The deadline is extended to 31st January 2017 for electronic tax returns which your accountant can do for you, and if you have left things this long, then it would be best to see a local accountant quickly.

Strictly speaking, you should have told the Revenue by 5th October if you knew that you needed to complete a tax return, and again you should have told them within three months of starting any self-employment. In theory you can be fined for not doing these things, but in practice making contact with an accountant as soon as possible is all you should need to do.

David Porthouse and Co use advanced technology to prepare accounts with the aim of being the speediest accountant around. However, even we can struggle if things are left to the last minute, so please see us straight away !

If we are the speediest accountant around through using technology, then we should be able to do a job in fewer chargeable hours. You can get a firm quote from us up-front based upon your turnover for the year and other details. We use an online system to work it out, and we can access it from a mobile phone at any time.

This website is mainly for the self-employed rather than companies, for whom we have a separate website. Its landing page may vary according to what is appropriate for the time of year. The previous landing page was Free Bookkeeping and the next landing page will be about imminent Deadlines with the changeover at the close of business on Christmas Eve. Some older search engines may take time to update their display.

It is human nature to leave things to the last minute, but we would warn you that if you do, then things can go wrong which are nobody’s fault, but you will be left with a penalty to pay. Speaking tongue-in-cheek, we might have mentioned the possibility of you doing your own electronic tax return, but if you try it and don’t succeed, then that will merely mean more procrastination before you get round to seeing an accountant.